Onesies to Shirts and T-shirts


One of the things that is true about kids,  is that they grow so fast!  I was cleaning up the attic and discovered that my 2 year old daughter had 2 boxes of clothes for each 3 months of her life.  That's a lot of clothes!  So, I thought that with my sewing skills there might be a better way to accommodate a growing toddler and re-use some clothing items.  Case in point - onesies.


Our toddler is in process of being potty trained, so onesies are now an obstacle in that endeavor.  In addition, our girl is in the 97th percentile of height, so most onesies are too short on her anyway. Solution to both problems?  Cut them to shirts and T-shirts!

If you have the need for the same service, let me know, I'd be happy to help!

Creating Precious Moments (or a benefit of being married to Zoya)

Perfect Seam Allowance!

As a father to be, I wanted to do something special for our future baby, something that our baby would use every day and make it very unique and special for us. I choose to make a blanket because it's versatile, something our daughter could use for a long time. What I didn't realize at the time just how much this blanket would mean to me over time as our daughter, who is now 2, uses it more and more.

To start, I picked out several different fabrics. Zoya helped me to measure and cut out the fabrics into a blanket pieces. She then gave me a easy to understand instructions how to operate the sewing machine and off I went making the blanket. It's pretty awesome how much you can really personalize a blanket as it turns out, I could pick the top thread to be different color than the bottom. I was supposed to sew in a straight line which seemed a little daunting at first, but I got the hang of it relatively fast.

The whole process was a neat and also very rewarding experience. I highly recommend anyone who is expecting a baby or already has one to make something that's personal to you.

Check out the pictures from 2 years ago of me making it and the final blanket on our baby's bed today.

P.S. Zoya made the bed sheet and the pillow cases as well, which are super soft and look great.

P.S.II. It's not too late to still sign up for one of Zoya's classes, as there are a few openings left.