Kids Crafts & Sewing Camp - ready, set, create!

In our Sewing School, we teach sewing to all ages and skill levels. We love all our students and seeing them grow in their skills amazing and rewarding. But our Kids Sewing Camp students hold a special place in our hearts. The excitement and enthusiasm is unparalleled and their ability to pick up new skills is frankly astonishing! In just two days, they tackle operating the sewing machine, designing, cutting out, and sewing together their projects! Here is our Sewing Camp’s recent graduate Georgia, who mastered up a chapstick holder with her own special style additions and a beautiful, lined, two-strapped shoulder bag. So very proud of our students!

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Our new favorite creation!

We’ve been enjoying focusing our creations on our little ones, and this is one more of those creations. This blanket and neck pillow set was lovingly made for our adorable nephew Lev before his big trip to California. One side minky and one side cozy fleece, both blanket and the neck pillow are small enough to pack easily into a carry-on and big enough to cover up the little dude comfortably. Sometimes when I look at my sleeping kiddo when they pass out in their car seat, it makes me wonder how can it be comfortable with their little heads bobbed to the side so low it makes my neck hurt just looking at them! Come to the rescue the neck pillow! It is thinly padded around the back of the neck, and has two big pillows on the front for each cheek to rest on. My husband sometimes makes fun of me that I have way too many gadgets for our kiddos when we travel, but after those said gadgets prove to be useful and even save us from a cranky tantrum, it all begins to make sense! :)

Happy traveling and exploring, and feel free to reach out if you want a set like this for yourself!



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Onesies to Shirts and T-shirts


One of the things that is true about kids,  is that they grow so fast!  I was cleaning up the attic and discovered that my 2 year old daughter had 2 boxes of clothes for each 3 months of her life.  That's a lot of clothes!  So, I thought that with my sewing skills there might be a better way to accommodate a growing toddler and re-use some clothing items.  Case in point - onesies.


Our toddler is in process of being potty trained, so onesies are now an obstacle in that endeavor.  In addition, our girl is in the 97th percentile of height, so most onesies are too short on her anyway. Solution to both problems?  Cut them to shirts and T-shirts!

If you have the need for the same service, let me know, I'd be happy to help!