Onesies to Shirts and T-shirts


One of the things that is true about kids,  is that they grow so fast!  I was cleaning up the attic and discovered that my 2 year old daughter had 2 boxes of clothes for each 3 months of her life.  That's a lot of clothes!  So, I thought that with my sewing skills there might be a better way to accommodate a growing toddler and re-use some clothing items.  Case in point - onesies.


Our toddler is in process of being potty trained, so onesies are now an obstacle in that endeavor.  In addition, our girl is in the 97th percentile of height, so most onesies are too short on her anyway. Solution to both problems?  Cut them to shirts and T-shirts!

If you have the need for the same service, let me know, I'd be happy to help!