Bridal season is here, but first things first...

From Zoya:

Zoya Designs has been very lucky to be a busy destination for brides and their bridal parties with their beautiful gowns and dresses, and everything in between.  It is definitely one of the most exciting things that we do here - being a part of someone's happiest day!  

But while we are pleased to be at service to our wonderful bridal patrons, there are a few things that we try to do for our equally important "clients" - our babies!  My almost 15 month old Valentinka is growing what seems to be by an inch a day, so she is out of the clothes i make her before she has a chance to wear them out!  So I try to find a moment (and at this point, those pants literally do take just a few moments to make!) to create something new for her, such as this new cute outfit.  I love making vests for her, because they seem to be very practical, and our mini-Derman loves to wear them!

Happy Spring!